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Understanding Key Financial Concepts in Life Insurance

November 9, 2023

Life insurance is a financial safeguard, ensuring monetary stability for your family in the event of ...

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Your Simple Guide to a Financially Secure Retirement

November 1, 2023

Budgeting and Beyond After years of hard work, retirement is your ultimate goal, but getting there ...

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Understanding Life Insurance for Seniors

August 22, 2023

Life insurance can be an excellent option for seniors looking to provide their loved ones financial ...

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Play Like A High Roller

June 21, 2023

Several years ago, I traveled to Las Vegas to attend a training seminar for my business. ...

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Physicians And The Affordable Care Act

May 21, 2023

Physicians are taking the brunt of lowered medical costs reimbursements. Increasingly, medical providers are deciding not ...

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Creditor Protection: The Annuity Option

April 8, 2023

Some asset protection might be included with an annuity. With current bankruptcy laws making it more ...

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Big Changes Coming To Estate Tax Planning

April 7, 2023

Reducing estate tax liability is getting more complicated. A very significant thing has recently happened regarding ...

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Deer In The Headlights

April 3, 2023

It happens all the time.  After one of my teaching events, I get people who want ...

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A La Carte Planning Don't Be A Victim

March 26, 2023

A dangerous phenomenon is happening within the financial services industry. For years marketing gurus taught the ...

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Houston, we have a problem!

February 12, 2023

Today, August 29th, 2017, day 4 of Hurricane Harvey, I am sitting at my computer In ...

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How Much Will It Cost Me?

January 17, 2023

I hear this question with every prospective client I meet.   Why?  Because they expect to pay ...

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Do Agents Use Annuities In Their Own retirement Plannings?

December 6, 2022

I get this question from prospective clients, do you use annuities in your retirement planning? ...

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Medicare ABCs

November 9, 2022

Open Enrollment (AEP) is around the corner, and for 44 million enrolled beneficiaries (1), this becomes ...

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What Happens To Your Retirement Plan When The Market Crashes?

October 15, 2022

Americans have a short memory, especially when the market is on fire like it has been ...

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Are You Prepared For The Next Storm

September 29, 2022

After experiencing my first hurricane (and coming out unscathed - thank you, God), I realized how ...

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A Simple And Successful Approach For Your Nest Egg

September 25, 2022

In the spring of 1983, a 61-year-old Australian sheep farmer named Cliff Young entered his first-ever ...

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Don’t Let Extreme Fees Ruin Your Retirement

September 22, 2022

Don't let fees and expenses erode your retirement account. Last week I met with a couple ...

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Sustainable Income For Life

September 2, 2022

Sustainable income, precisely what is it? How could income be sustainable?  What happens when interest rates ...

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Worry and Concern Over Medical Costs And Expenses

August 19, 2022

1 in 3 Can Barely Afford Medical Care My favorite market is people who are generally ...

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Asset Preservation VS Asset Speculation

August 15, 2022

Asset Protection or Asset Speculation, which should you choose? A broad definition of "safe money" is ...

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